The  responsibility of the Mayor is to work in collaboration with the city council to serve all citizens and business owners fairly and openly.

The Mayor must also be committed to applying these principles of the role of Mayor in the most professional and timely manner possible, realizing that this is key to guiding our community through continued growth and success and to provide opportunites for residents to participate in the process for an inclusive, safe, healthy and thriving community. 

Responsibilites of the Mayor include: 

  • Overseeing all City goverment functions
  • Ensuring  all local, state and deeral laws are followed. 
  • Hiring city employees and oversee all city departments
  • Overseeing Elaine Water and Sewer Works inside the Elaine city limits and the Rural communities
  • Develops City of Elaine and Elaine Water Works Budgets 
  • Working in partnership with local and state agencies for the betterment of the City of Elaine and surrounding communities
  • Responding to Citizens Concerns
  • Performing other duties at the request of the City council 


Contact Info

Lisa Hicks-Gilbert
116 Mainstreet, Elaine, AR 72333
[email protected]


Mayor Lisa Hicks Gilbert